Thursday, October 2, 2008

The best laid schemes o' mice an' men...

I have big plans (relative to my usual tiny ones, at least) for the three-day weekend. Friday morning, Gale is planning to lead several of us newbies on a mountain hike on Mt. Palongsan, which apparently is the most popular and I guess the highest of the mountains that surround the city.

For Saturday, I thought I might go to the Samsung Lions' final game of the season, but Ray wants a companion on a bullet-train trip to Busan, Korea's second city, to walk on the beach and check out the town. I'd figured on going there after payday, but the weather is glorious-- the most beautiful autumn weather you can imagine, though the leaves haven't started to turn-- so we're planning on this weekend. Busan was my first choice for a posting, anyway, but it came through a few days after I'd accepted the job in Daegu. I miss the ocean! Busan is on what the Koreans call the East Sea; that's the Sea of Japan to us heathens.

Also, Ray and I have been talking about going to Apsan, Daegu's huge, hilly park; we might do that on Friday or Monday.

This all beats sitting home and watching Oprah, which is an alternative here.

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