Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Oh, happy day

(Feel free to skip this post if you voted for McCain.)

We had a little Obamarama at my apartment this morning. Anna (alone in picture) and Micah (young guy) from the Manchon school and Ray C. (not the Ray I spend a lot of time with) and Sandi from the Samduk branch came over and we huddled around my laptop talking and laughing and noshing on fruit and cookies and Cup Noodles and tensing up and relaxing and finally celebrating.

Gee, it was nice to have guests! I had never had anybody in the apartment before; I'm miles from any of the other teachers. It really invigorated me, and so did the result.

I believe Barack Obama may become a great president. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe he's all words, maybe the lefty base will desert him when they find out he's neither a saint nor a wizard. He's a true politician, and you can't get out of a hole this deep very quickly. But I think that maybe he has just the temperament and the brains we need right now, and he could be a transformational figure like Lincoln or (either) Roosevelt or Millard Fillmore. (All right, now I'm just trying to find out who reads these things all the way down to the bottom.)

...and tonight we're going downtown to the Holy Grill to find a celebration. Hooray!


Margaret said...

Hey Mr. Cornman!
It's Margaret Baker (from st. joe circa 2004 ;D)
I went to visit St. Joe today and everyone was telling me that you went to Korea to teach English. Mr. Larkin told me about your blog!
Well, talk about bizarre...I'm going to Seoul at the end of the month to teach English too. My email address is: I would love to get together with you sometime while we're both there!! I would also love to hear about your experiences (aside from what you've already written here)!! Hope you're doing great!!!

Stephen J said...

Hi, Margaret!

A couple of quick tips: first, bring a few items that barely seem to exist here; the two that come to mind immediately are deodorant and a flat (top) sheet. Granted that American-type items are probably easier to find in Seoul than in Daegu, still...

Also, if you've lived most of your life in Florida, it is going to be ungodly cold here in the winter. It was already down to 40 on several nights in October.

Hope to see you!