Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I can't decide if I'm wishy today

...or washy.

I go back and forth several times a day on whether to sign up for the next round of Korean lessons. The 'net says people of a certain age can't pick up foreign languages. Wait, it says they can! I'll never get this. Maybe I will. I'm not getting this. I don't want to be a quitter. The teachers aren't that good. I'll never pick it up on my own. A hundred thousand Won is a lot of money. You gotta invest in your future. It's three hours out of every Saturday. It's a chance to be with people...

The monkeys in my monkey mind have escaped the cage and they're flinging... well, they're being obstreperous.

Right now, I'm thinking no. I think. I think I'm thinking that. I think.

Speaking of the Wonder Girls, meanwhile, have you ever heard Korean, really? Watch this: this is the language I'm trying to learn, and that's leaving out the written part:

(They lose me after "one... two... three... hello.")

I need a babel fish.


r. said...

You sir, should learn the language. The only reason it's said that adults "can't" learn foreign languages is a mere matter of psychological opposition. Get over it, is my advice. All that holds you back is believing you can't and asking "why" in class. You're a language man, you can easily do this. All you need is to immerse yourself... oh wait, YOU ALREADY DID THAT. You're in Korea for Christ's sake. Sheesh. C'mon eyore. I'm giving you some tough love, but if you want to get into a linguistic/phonological debate, we'll tango. Take the course. You're a daisy if you do.

Stephen J said...

Yeah, thanks, R, I did. Now I know who to call if I need counseling about my anxiety. (Is it an inferiority complex if one is really inferior?)