Monday, April 20, 2009

First in war, first in peace, and last to get to the ballgame

I had planned Sunday's baseball outing for several weeks: downloaded the Korean Baseball Organization's schedule (in English), found a date and time when a lot of people would be free, emailed and Facebooked 'most everyone I know in Daegu: Lions vs. Doosan Bears (who will, if my new job comes through as it should, be my team by the end of the season), Sunday, 5 p.m., be there. (Checked and rechecked the schedule just in case I'd had a mind flatulence; hadn't: 5:00.)

Several people busy with church stuff or out of town, Cliff (from Writer's Group) was going to come with several friends but couldn't because he got really sick, ended up with just me, Sandi from Samduk LIKE and Joelle from the Writer's Group. That's cool. We get to the ballpark an hour before gametime (ha!) Odd... nobody out in the area around the entrance but the hawkers (very aggressive; one guy holds out a cold beer and chatters at me, I shake my head, the woman next to him holds out a bottle of water, I pay her, he looks disgusted). Nobody buying tickets. Huh. I guess two weeks into the season we're really early because there won't be a big crowd? Weird.

But we buy tickets and go in... no plastic beat-together tubes for sale... we enter the stands; they're packed. No place to sit on the "home" side... oh, crap. It's the middle of the sixth inning.
We finally found seats and watched the final three innings: couple of exciting plays but no scoring; Lions win, 5-4. Pbpbpbpth.

In a way, it's just as well. Joelle doesn't like baseball much, but wanted to have a taste of the experience; Sandi's got a touch of flu. But it wasn't exactly what I'd looked forward to for the last six months. And if the Sunday games are at 3:00, I work till then, and that means that there will be no days in which my friends from work and I are free to go to games together. (Incidentally, I just found the official KBO website, and it also says that Sunday games are at 5:00. Meh.)

Sandi and Joelle caught a cab and I walked downtown. On the way, I found I had just missed a street festival; nothing was still going on except a breakdancing (!) exhibition. But I did come upon some odd metal animal art, so here are some pictures of something for you to look at. Live it up. :: sigh ::

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