Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Snugg as a bugg in a rugg

Despite the inexplicable lack of tailgating and pep rallies, it's definitely fall here. Last night, for the first time, I slept with both my windows (the one over my bed and the sliding door to the little balcony) closed, inner and outer windows both. I'm beginning to suss out how I'm going to survive the winter. I'll almost certainly put a double thickness of heavy plastic sheeting over all the windows. I'm not looking forward to that, as I hate being cut off from the outside and it will take away half of Tug's entertainment when I'm not home, the other half being flinging his little toy mousies all over the apartment. But I don't want to spend my entire salary on heating the place.

That leads to the question of how to stay warm without going broke. In Daegu, I ran the heat (underfloor heating using gas) as little as I could and had a rotating pedastal heater near me nearly constantly. I will probably do that here; it's true that my current apartment is so much smaller that it shouldn't cost so much to heat, but on the other hand, it's generally five degrees colder in Seoul than Daegu. Also, the Daegu apartment came with an electrical heater; I'd need to buy one here, for fifty to eighty bucks. I'm not sure which option is a better buy, relying on keeping the whole place toasty or carrying my heat around with me. Then again, the apartment's so small, I'd basically just have to turn it around, not move it.

Then there's the problem of the heavy wooden doors that separate the alcove (which is the home of the washing machine and the catbox and has huge sliding windows) from the living room/kitchenette... it's going to be a lot warmer if I keep them closed, but if I do, either the catbox has to come in, perilously near the kitchen, or Tug's going to have to concentrate really hard till April or so.

And then there's the idea of an electric blanket, but I don't think I'd leave it on all day for Tug, in case of fire... or a heating pad...

...and today, at Costco, just to confound me further, I was confronted, for the first time ever, with a fiendish invention I had long heard rumored but never actually seen... I came face to faceless with the abominable... Snuggie. It wants me.

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