Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring springs eternal

Happy Easter, everyone!

It's Sunday night and we've had a three-day weekend. (As opposed to a ten-day weakened; that would be the cold I've just gotten over.) Didn't do squat the first two days off; several of us from work keep intending to go to a ballgame, but it's just a tad chilly to enjoy sitting there after dark, and the last drag of my cold has kept me sleeping and reading more than adventuring. I was going to visit the royal tombs of the Chosun Dynasty, but I was afraid someone would tell me to lie down.

I feel pretty distant from Easter, as I'm off sweets, I don't eat bunnies, and I don't wanna dye.

Nonetheless, today was a splendid reminder, in several ways, of how it is a time of renewal:

The trees are budding, finally.

I saw a lovely bird, new to me, all black head and orange belly, while I was running. I think it was a Narcissus flycatcher...
 ...but whatever it was, it shore was purty.

Speaking of running, the cold knocked my conditioning back quite a bit, but I'm out there again, and today was the first day of the decade that was warm enough to warrant running in a t-shirt and shorts. The Sun felt so good on my legs, which are even pasty-whiter than in the States, compared to the locals.

It's a week to my first 5K race in six years.

It's a week and a half to our school trip to Jeju Island.

Back in the States, it's Opening Day, and the Mets are still undefeated. Of course, they don't play till tomorrow, but I'll take it.

And Doctor Who is back, with a new Doctor (the eleventh), new actors, and a new production team. And it's glorious. I'd post a photo, but beware of geeks bearing GIF's.

Today's theme: "Talkin' 'bout Regeneration" by The (Doctor) Who...

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