Sunday, August 15, 2010


The new school year (rugrats and all) starts in ten hours. I guess I think I reckon I'm ready. I hope I get some brainy kids.

I'm hoping still to be ready for the marathon, but I'm worried. Two weeks ago I fell a mile short of my 17-mile goal; today the schedule called for me to  20 miles (run four minutes/walk one all the way). I set the alarm for 5 a.m. but at 3 I woke up to torrential rain and thunderous thunder and didn't get back to bed till 4:30. The forecast was for 80 percent precip all day, so I turned off the alarm. Major folly.

At 8, I walked down a few blocks to Yangjae Cheon and found to my surprise that the creek hadn't overflowed, so I decided to do my run after all. Oh, lordy, I found out why we get out at dawn. I was running down (and down and down...) at 17 miles... well, I'd been dealing with 80+ temperature and 80+ humidity, but when the sun came out around 12:45, once again I couldn't... run... one... more... step... I shuffled and reeled three miles back home at a zombie pace.
 yeah, like this.

So that's two long runs in a row that I failed to finish and the race is 12 weeks off. I decided to withdraw from the Joongang Marathon on November 7 and enter the Chuncheon Marathon on October 24, since that one allows six hours, not five, to finish. But, wouldn't you know it, registration for the Chuncheon closed two days ago. So I guess I'm stuck; just praying that the cool, crisp November weather will make all the difference.

Anyway, as I did in the last three miles today, starting tomorrow at school I'll be looking for braaaaaaains once again.

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