Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Walking on mostly sunnyshine

Today I'm about as close to sunny as I ever get, which I suppose is like saying the drunken bear's triple Salchow is coming along nicely.

I know I'm not Little Gary Sunshine, but it's a good, good day.

The spring is finally, really here, the cherry blossoms are out along the Yangjae Cheon, I'm still on a bit of a high from Sunday's race (enough that I'm thinking that, maybe, yeah, I just might do another full marathon in the fall), and I had a good, fast run after school today.

Most of all, though, our accreditation visit is over and the visitors' report was better than we'd expected or hoped for. To put it briefly, they classify schools on six levels, the top four being accredited. They gave us the second-best rating, which for a third-year school (at which almost the whole faculty is in their second year) is excellent. They look at seven different categories; they rated us higher than we rated ourselves in five of them.

The twelve-hour days are over (for awhile, anyway) and there are no more reports to write. As for me, while the visitors were here, I was on-task, personable, charming, and bright. You know... somebody else.

So... I'm sunny and carefree today.

Take a photo, quick.

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