Thursday, September 11, 2008

The air is FILTHY Daegu, as I've mentioned before, has a huge air pollution problem; it's a really industrial place (I have a little Samsung digital camera that has made its odyssey from Daegu, its birthplace, to St. Augustine, and back to Daegu; I only hope it hasn't come home to spawn and die), and, as it's in a natural basin, the airborne particulate crap (as the environmental scientists call it) just hangs here. But today is the worst yet; you can't see half a block without noticing it, and the mountains are just shadows. You could grab a hunk of air and stick it in your pocket, and you'd notice the lump.

Once, in the mid-sixties, I was across the river from Manhattan in Jersey, and the air was yellow. The Empire State Building was only a vague shape, and I swear the air was yellow. Since then, the US has done a lot to clean up the atmosphere. That hasn't been done here, and my throat and eyes feel it.

On the brighter side, they say that Daegu, due to its topography, is the hottest place in Korea in the summer and the coldest in the winter. So at least there's that.

We now return you to our usual cheerful commentary.

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