Friday, September 12, 2008

A walk-on sentence

I’m proud of myself for becoming more adventurous; the other day, I took the bus downtown, found the Kyobo Bookstore, bought Korean Made Easy (it can't be done), and hopped on the subway, rode to the Manchon stop (not having any idea of just where that actually was, though I’d been told it was nowhere near my apartment or the school), and, without a map, functionally illiterate, and having only a vague idea of the route numbers and a general sense of compass directions, walked all the way back and found the school in a zigzag route which took me exactly as long as it’s taken you to read this sentence.

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Timothy said...

Hey Steve now that I'm settled in I have read your blog and am in some ways very jealous. I'll email soon. Tim

Nate says,"I miss you. How is Korea? How is the park that you visited? What is the thing that looks like the space needle?"

Jake says,"Hi, how are you? What's it like in Korea? Call us soon."