Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Doctor, Regis, the Girls, and The Boys

My favorite all-time (snerk) TV show is Doctor Who. The Doctor travels through all of space and time in his TARDIS and, wouldn't you know it, sometimes bits of both time and space get squeezed together in, as the Wizard of Oz put it, "an arduous and technically unexplainable manner".

I feel rather like that now: Letterman last night had on Bill Murray in a New York Giants' uniform. (I've been a fan of the Giants for literally 50 years.) He had on my old Millionaire chum (from 2000), Regis Philbin. And he had Girls' Generation, one of the hottest of the K-pop groups that rule Korea and much of Asia. (I heard Girls' Generation blasting from a couple of storefronts in Taipei, as well.)

(If you don't know K-pop, it's all in this clip: dance in perfect but robotic unison, insipid lyrics, high energy and legs, legs, legs.) You should watch it.

In the context of my life, it's, as the Doctor said, "Pieces of Space and Time that should never have touched... pressed together."

I think I like it.


Ron said...

I've never watched Doctor Who, although it sounds interesting. One show I do watch, The Big Theory, had a "Who" reference this past week. The gang was all sitting around the tv watching Doctor Who when someone said,"You know, for being able to travel throughout time and space, they sure have a propensity for landing in modern day London."

Ron said...

Woops....Big BANG Theory.