Friday, December 5, 2008

Thanksgiving's the picture from our 78-course Thanksgiving dinner at the Novotel:
Luke (Manchon LIKE), Sandi (Samduk LIKE), Cliff (S), Me (M), Alex (S), Anna (M), Robert (S), Ray C. (S), Ray L. (M).

It was a good day.

(Hey, I just figured out that if you click on a picture in the blog, you see an enlargement. It might be worth your time... some of us rarely get out pictures taken without a complementary profile shot and a little black sign held under our chins...)


ace said...

Yikes! What did you do to the background? I liked the (what I assume to be) default better. I think it's the default because my daughter's blog has the same.

One of the Rods.

Stephen J said...

Ah, Rod, I thought it was getting boring. Blogger has about a dozen templates to choose from. It's dark enough here as we get toward winter that I wanted a little bit lighter touch, I guess.

...I am gratified to know that somebody's reading my meanderings...