Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The rock is rolling

Imagine that you have to proofread this paragraph:

Second, the second and third cons can solute by this pro. It the government loan money to only poor people, two problems can solute. First, most poor people who use this system, don't borrow money for their new business or succeed. They borrow money for decrease their doubt. So, they don't need big money that can make new business. If government borrow money just poor people, their money is enough. (sic [very sic])

Now imagine that this essay has four more similar paragraphs. And you have about a hundred of these essays to proofread and comment on. And as soon as you turn them in, you'll receive another stack to do. And most of the kids won't read what you've written anyway, and those who do won't understand it. Now imagine the sweet, sweet release of death.

Actually, English and Korean are so very, very foreign to each other that it's amazing the kids do as well as they do. It's nothing personal against them. It's just... remember Sisyphus and the rock? Yeah.

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