Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What's eating you?

I had somewhere between twelve and seventeen cats in the States over the last quarter-century, depending on what the meaning of "had" is, and none on them did what my two vocal locals do. Tug and Tiki both like being petted, of course, but they both very quickly start gnawing on my hands every time I scritch their heads. It never hurts, they're very gentle (and, for what it's worth, neither has ever scratched me in the three months I've had them), but they both just love chewing on me. Ironically, Tug just gnaws, but Tiki tugs my hand to his mouth, using both paws, somewhat like grasping an ear of corn(man).

So... what up with that? Anybody reading this ever have a cat that continually chews on you?

Is it just a family thing, or have I happened upon another curious Korean custom?

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r. said...

I know a cat named Monkey, well Monkeyface (in full), and he does that all the time. He never hurts anyone and he doesn't bite down all the way, but he definitely does the whole grab with both paws to keep your hand near his face. Maybe our palms have the same consistency as mommy dearest. I'd never thought about it until now, but that would make a great deal of sense if it was for that reason.