Thursday, July 9, 2009

Another day, another dolor

The last week or two have been a definite Daegu downtime... it rains every single time I have a day off (and often when I don't); I can't find people I want to find online nearly as often as I'd like; the Mets are in a death spiral and the Lions are away on the few occasions it's not raining and I have free time; there are no English-language movies I haven't seen (though the new Terminator and Transformers [neither one very good] will play here forever, the latter currently on six screens at a single theater); my friends here always seem to be busy when I suggest an outing; one of the cats likes peeing on the plastic sheet under the litter box; Tug McGraw is still dead.

This week's work schedule includes Tuesday 2 to 11:15, Wednesday 2 to midnight, today off (but I'm proofreading Mrs. Kim's hundred-page dissertation and... huh! It's raining outside), tomorrow 2 to 11:15.

I'm still doing fine, no Eeyoring around here, but, you know, sometimes you're in the groove and sometimes it's a rut.

...forty-four days till the move to Seoul.

Addendum: It's raining, it's pouring, but I am not snoring: in the six hours since I wrote this post, Luke's asked me to join the gang on a long hike on Saturday, Rob (new Canadian teacher, male, my age) asked me to join him for a Winnipeg Blue Bomber football game on Saturday night, and Jesse (new teacher, female) and I made a plan to go to Palgongsan on Monday. So the social calendar's filled again. If only it stops raining...

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