Sunday, July 12, 2009

There's a sucker born every minute

...adjusting to Korea in a nutshell (to mix food metaphors, as you'll see):

I was in my schoolroom today, proofreading, when Heeduk, who can be very thoughtful, came in and handed me a frozen treat: Papico, it's called. He left, I opened one end of the wrapper, thought "mmm, chocolate" and popped it in my mouth. "Mmm, no taste whatsoever," I thought.

Then I realized that I was sucking on plastic; a Papico is... well, I'm not trying to gross you out, but this is the most accurate description I can think of... basically a condomesque plastic tube filled with a Wendy's Frosty. You let you hand heat melt the Frosty and suck the chocolatesque goodness out the end, which I did.

...but first I had to have the school secretary show me how to open it. I felt like I was about four years old.

Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore...

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