Monday, July 27, 2009

Flambo, Pepto, and the tequila IV

("The flying monkey band started the show for the retired lunch ladies' luncheon" becomes "Consumption of prawn cocktails attracts flying monkeys and causes heads to burst into flames" becomes "The Human Torch and his sidekick Flambo shared their Pepto-Bismol treats with the Witch's flying monkeys." [The last sentence was mine.])

I have been remiss in blogging lately, part of a general lassitude that I choose to blame on the weather; it's been raining, or threatening to rain with humidity of about 130 percent, every day. Also, I haven't done anything interesting because it always rains on my rare days off. Yesterday, however, was gorgeous, a beautiful October day with sun, high fluffy clouds and low humidity; today is almost as nice.

Jesse, one of our new teachers, has been hoping to get to Mt. Palgongsan and Donghwasa Temple, and I promised to take her. Every day we've both had some time free, however, has been precipitional... precipitationous... lousy. Saturday was okay, but she was too tired, and yesterday was perfect but I had an Eat Poop You Cat date.

My friend Suzanne (Bonjour, amie!) introduced me to EPYC. In the game, each player writes a (preferably odd) sentence and passes the paper to the left, where the next player must draw the sentence, then fold the paper over so that only the drawing shows and pass it again, where the next player writes a sentence about the drawing, and so on until you compare the bizarre drawings and mutated sentences.

I played with my friends in the Daegu Writers' Group on the patio of Club That downtown, and we had a terrific time with much laughter, particularly after we all got bag drinks. There are a couple of carts downtown where you order a drink, the guy mixes it up in a vinyl pouch for all the world like an IV bag and sticks a straw in it, and you're good to go. Nothing like a tequila sunrise out of an IV bag to make an already odd game totally bizarre.

This Saturday, I'm going to the Suseong Heat Festival at Suseong-gu Lake-- Squirt gun wars, water park, a giant patbingsu (ice, fruit, and cream dessert), duck boat race, musical performances, and food kiosks-- weather permitting. Wouldn't want to get rained on during the squirt gun wars!

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