Thursday, July 23, 2009

A spectacular failure

In October, I fell on my face (literally, on the sidewalk, quite unlike the figurative sense in which I do so all the time) and broke not only it (my face, not the sidewalk) and my glasses. So I went to get new ones, and the process worked surprisingly well despite the language barrier, other than the fact that they forgot to measure, and I forgot to mention, the distance between my pupils, which is absolutely necessary to get the focal points right.

So I had to order a second pair of lenses.

Ten days ago, I got a new right lens, as the previous one had gotten chipped.

Yesterday, I was cleaning my glasses during class and the frame snapped in my hands. Restraining an urge to bellow, "HULK SMASH!", I muttered imprecations sotto voce (I told you I was an English teacher) involving how it was a titanium frame and thus I should have been able to drive a Hyundai Sonata over it without breaking it. I Magooed around for the rest of the school day and then went to the anngyeong/contacteu (glasses/contacts) place. They no longer had the identical frame, but fit the lenses into a new one, so that was cool...

...aside from the fact that in nine months, I've worn a total of three frames and seven lenses. I know some people would say I should just get LASIK surgery, but I just can't see it.

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